Terms and Conditions


Sitabazar online grocery shopping store, registered under Sita Bazar Pvt. Ltd. is a registered online market place and by agreeing to the terms and conditions (User Agreement) represent that you agree be legitimately bound to co-operate with our website. These regulate your access to the use of our service associated with the domain, sub-domain, website and mobile application.

These terms and conditions apply to all our service users, who are client as browsers, client as customers, traders or the content provider. Upon your use of the website, these agreement is considered successful signifying your approval of these terms. Kindly, do not view, register for or use the site if you are not agreeing to bound with these conditions.

We, Sitabazar, reserve the authority, at any time without prior notice, to alter, modify, add or delete the parts of these Terms and Conditions. We request you to periodically review our updates for the agreements. Continuous usage of our website after the change have been updated will imply to your consent of those modifications.


General Conditions

We may require that you register your account in order to login to our official website and that requires us to gain access to your personal information for creation of your user account. At any point, at our solitary preference, annul your username and account that too without sending any prior notification and shall not be accountable to any kind of damage, harm induced by in connection with or due to such invalidation or request.

You are sole responsible to maintain privacy regarding to your account information, including your username, password or any other personal information you share. You agree to be responsible to ensure your account is confidential and wisely used to prevent any exploitation of your personal user account. As soon as you detect any sort of misuse or your password has been known to others and used in unlawful manner, you shall inform us.

Please make sure you provide your correct information and update your details time to time. We may, anytime ask you to update your Personal data or invalidate your account and details without prior notice to you.


Why we collect your information?

  • We get information about your address for delivery
  • In order to confirm validation of orders.
  • To keep track of any inconsistencies.
  • To customize our website as per your interests.
  • To remind you of any exclusive offers and products through promotional emails.



All items listed on the Website, unless otherwise stated, will be sold at MRP. The rates referred to at the time of placing the order shall be those paid on the date of delivery. While prices do not fluctuate on a daily basis for most goods, some of the commodities and prices of fresh food do change on a daily basis. In the event that rates are higher or lower on the delivery date, the price will be charged according to the delivery dates.




Our products are available at the official website of Sitabazar and with the continuous effort from the Sitabazar team, we display as precisely as possible genuine products with updated price. We do not, however, promise that the nature of the product or any service will be meet all your expectations and requirements or that any error in the service will be corrected. We have made every effort to show as accurately as possible the colors of our items that appear on the website. However, because the actual colors you see will depend on your device, we cannot guarantee that the display of any color on your monitor will be accurate.

We hold the authority and may sometimes limit the service to certain locality, however, we are not committed to do so.


  1. Accuracy of Billing and account information

We may restrict, deny, or confine the quantities to be acquired per individual or per order. Such restrictions which include applications made by or under a similar customer account, a similar credit card, and orders using the same billing address as well as the delivery address. If we introduce an enhancement or cancel a request, we will try to notify you by contacting the email, as well as the billing address/phone number, given at the time the request was made.

In case any product fails to be delivered by your mistake, say you provide wrong information as name or address, we can claim extra cost for redelivery.

You consent to provide Sitabazar complete authorization in to contact you for personal information collection.

You agree to complete all the purchase with complete and legitimate transaction and latest account information. You agree to update your record and other information immediately, including your email address and credit card numbers and expiry dates, so that we can finish your exchanges and contact you as appropriate.

Every client must register under single contact number or email address, or else one cannot entertain any special offers, coupon code, discount cards or gift vouchers.


Personal Information

Our Privacy Policy defines your compliance with individual data through the store. Go to our Privacy Policy page and get to know more about it.


Objectionable Content

You comprehend that by utilizing this Site or any service offered by the Site, you may experience Content that might be considered by some to be intimidating, repulsive, or questionable, which Content could possibly be offensive or not. You consent to utilize the Site at your sole risk and that to the furthest reaches allowed under appropriate law, Sitabazar will have no obligation to you for Content that might be considered offensive to you.


Errors, Inaccuracies and Omissions

Despite our full dedication and precise checking, information provided by us might contain occasional typos, mistakes or oversights that may take place with products display, pricing, labeling, dispatch, delivery or feasibility. We guarantee in all position to review and redress blunders or exclusions, and to change or refresh information or drop offers if any data in the Service or on any connected site is misguided whenever without before notice (checking after you have mentioned for the item).


We endeavor no commitment to invigorate, address or legitimize data in the Service or on any connected site, fusing without constraint, valuing data, beside as legally necessary.


  1. You may not utilize the Site for any of the accompanying purposes:

  • Spreading any unlawful, hassling, derogatory, harsh, undermining, destructive, indecent, disgusting, or in any case offensive material.
  • Communicating material that energizes direct that comprises a criminal offense or results in common obligation or in any case breaks any significant laws, guidelines or code of training.
  • Picking up unapproved admittance from other PC frameworks.
  • Meddling with some other individual's utilization or happiness regarding the Site.
  • Breaking any material laws;
  • Interfering or disturbing organizations or sites associated with the Site.
  • Making, sending or putting away electronic duplicates of materials ensured by copyright without the consent of the proprietor.



We don't guarantee or warrant that your arrangement of our service will be consistent, ideal, secure or goof free. We don't warrant that the results that may emerge from the utilization of the facility will be precise. Costumers should understand that from time to time we may clear the service for uncertain time periods or drop the administrations at whatever point without notice to you under different conditions. You unequivocally agree that your utilization of, or inability to utilize, the administration is at your own danger.

It should likewise be expressed that, as the majority of Sitabazar’s products convey a Brand Warranty or Manufacturer Warranty, the customer can profit the guarantee specifically at any brand approved Servicing Point or through Sitabazar too.



You consent to protect, repay and hold innocuous Sitabazar, its staffs, officials, specialists and agents and appoints from and against any cases, liabilities, harms, misfortunes, expenses constantly, including lawyer's charges, brought about by or emerging out of cases dependent on your activities or inactions, which may bring about any misfortune or risk to Sitabazar or any outsider including yet not restricted to penetrate of any guarantees, portrayals or endeavors or corresponding to the non-satisfaction of any of your commitments under this User Agreement or emerging out of the your infringement of any pertinent laws, guidelines. This provision will endure the expiry or end of this User Agreement.



In the event that any course of action of these Terms of Service is set out to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, such game plan may, regardless, be enforceable permitted by proper law, and the unenforceable part should be regarded to be cut off from these Terms of Service, such confirmation ought not impact the authenticity and enforceability of some different arrangements.



The responsibilities and liabilities of the gatherings achieved going before the end date may endure the end of this comprehension for all reasons. These Terms of Service are feasible except if and until finished by it is possible that you or us. You may end these Terms of Service whenever by advising us that you don't wish to use our Services any more, or after you quit utilizing our site.


On the off chance that we speculate that you have neglected to be restricted to our Terms and Services, we may end our service whenever without notice and you will be obliged to satisfy all the obligations. In the event that we neglect to give any privilege or these terms of service, it does exclude the waiver of the arrangements.

These Terms of Service and any methodologies or working rules posted by us on this site or concerning The Service comprises the entire arrangement and cognizance among you and us and oversee your use of the Service, overriding any prior or contemporaneous understandings, correspondences and suggestion, whether or not oral or composed, among you and us.